Installation notes (Play Store)

Firstly make sure your watch is paired to the phone and ensure that you are signed in to same Google account across your devices.

If you see "installing soon" wait for 5 minutes.

** Please note... New watch face will not appear on your main screen, you need to select from the list of watch faces by tapping and holding the screen.

If you cannot see it, try to restart your watch.

If still not installed try below...

Install from watch:

Go to Play store app from your watch and search the watch face name "NXV.." then try to install directly from your watch.

** If you get asked for payment again don't worry, you will only get charged once if you use the same google account.

You can also see this article written by Samsung to help with installation

Below video can also help you with installation for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & 5.

NXV Watch Face